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Should you be worried about a possible diagnosis of CF? Not really. There have been great advances in the way CF has been treated in the past 20 years. Drugs like Pulmozyme and Tobi have made it so people with CF can be expected to live well into their 30s and even longer.

Both of your kids have CF-like symptoms. Do you know what kind of Staph your 3 year old cultures? Does he have a lot of gas? If his stools are always floating, that means he has something called steatorrhea, or fat in the stool. People that don't have CF occasionally will have bouts of steatorrhea after eating a lot of high-fat foods. People with CF have trouble digesting fat, so their stools are always floating.

Sweat tests may need to be repeated a number of times, especially in younger children because the amount of sweat collected each time might not be enough. But even so, a small number of people that have CF have normal sweat test results. In this case, they would need to be diagnosed with the genetic blood test.

Has your one year old ever been tested for CF? She might be a little harder to test; some little kids might try to take off the bands around their arms. Has she ever had a sinus CT confirming sinusitis? Has she ever had treatment for asthma?

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