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My child is almost 8 months old. Based on his symptoms at birth they did a blood test immediately, but had to do a second one 'cuz they didn't get enough blood. Took over a week to get the test results back. I remember they did do a test on his stool, but when I asked his primary doctor why, his answer was that he didn't know either --- that the test was worthless or possibly redundant was my feel on it. As for the sweat test. It's really hard to get a teeny tiny infant to produce enough sweat to test. I've heard it's the gold standard for finding out if the child has CF. Heard a story at the hospital of a child who'd undergone treatment for years for CF and they did the test and found out he didn't have it. Had some other digestive disorder.

He's on zantac for supposed reflux. Was never much of a spitter. But his GI Doctor indicated that it helps decrease the acid in his stomach and helps his digestive enzymes work better. We've never had a problem with horrible smelling stools, but then he's always been enzymes. We have gotten greasier ones when he's eaten something richer though.
You need to get a sweat test or blood test asap and hope that by now its been done. I am a mom of a 17mo w/ CF and am very concerned about what you wrote. Please update


TE=skerentoff]I read on the WebMD website that low trypsin levels can indicate cystic fibrosis. The test does seem redundent to me also. She's had two stools w/ low trypsin and her doctor still wants a third one low on trypsin b4 she'll refer her. I, myself, have been concerned w/ her not growing for a while now and I'm glad that our doctor is now trying to find out why. And her almost constant tummy aches and weird bm's have also been a concern since she was an infant. I would like to see her grow some. She's so tiny that I'm afraid it will affect her when she gets older. Strangers already can't get over that she's 3 and walking and talking. So, basically, I'm just hoping at this point to find something out so we can treat her.

One more test and then we'll know our next step.[/QUOTE]

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