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[QUOTE=luvmygirls]Has anyone out there been thru the PDG/IVF? How costly? What was your experience?[/QUOTE]

PGD is Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis: a procedure where, upon egg retrieval, the embryo's are tested and healthy ones are transferred into the uterus. Its been used througout the world since 1989. It will ensure that a baby will not be born with CF or any other genetic disease.

I urge anyone to type in PDG on any search engine to read more- I cannot explain it better than the docs.

I've been told it costs approx $20k per month (obviously no guarantees) and insurance does not cover :confused: I hope to convince my insurance company to cover-- PGD is less costly than ongoing care for a CF patient, I can only hope I'll get somewhere with it.

Please read about it, its out there and if anyone has done it, please let me know.

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