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[QUOTE=Twins aboard]Thanks. Me personally-I feel so overwhelmed and stressed out over all this. I mean 14 years ago we knew this was a possibility in her life, and now that it is here-I feel helpless! She doesnt live in the same town as I do, but I am going to see her this weekend. I can cry at the drop of a hat-and my thoughts are consumed with her. Do you know how long a transplant surgery takes? I know that if and when the time comes I definatley want to be there for her. Its hard for me to get away-I have a husband and 3 children so my time is sparce. Thankfully I have a very supportive dh and in laws that love to watch my kids. Thanks for your prayers.[/QUOTE]

That's wonderful that you've got supportive relatives. I was thinking maybe if you could get your in-laws to watch your kids, you could spend some time with your sister, maybe take her somewhere like her favorite place to eat or to the movies or something. Either that or you could just talk - letting her know that you and your whole family care and maybe sharing some stories of other people who have gotten transplants (I'm sure you could print a few out from the internet. They're so inspiring *tears of joy* lol)

There are also people that you can talk to like church ministers and social workers (they are usually involved in the transplant process). They can help you cope with the stress and all.

When donor lungs come up somewhere, her beeper will go off and she'll be in surgery within 4-6 hours. She'd be on a ventilator for the first 12 hours depending on how the lungs function, if she does well, she might not need the vent at all. She'd be in the ICU, and if she does well, she'll be moved to a regular room. The total length of stay in the hospital is about 7-10 days, but complete recovery takes up to six months.

While she's there (and for the rest of her life), she'll have to take immunosupressants to prevent rejection. She should really avoid people with colds or other illnesses because her immune system will be down and even minor illnesses may turn into something bigger. The immunosupressants prevent rejection in over half of cases.

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