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Jul 9, 2004
Hi. In October, I had a sweat test that came back at 13. I was sweat tested because of recurrent bronchitis and some pneumonias. My doctor sent me for a genetic test also which came back with one copy of deltaF508. I was sweat tested again during my most recent hospitalization and this time it came back at 69. How did it change by 56? My pulmo is going to send me for yet another sweat test to see if this last one was a fluke or something. I'm sure someone on this board has had something like this happen to them - what was the outcome?

I've been allergy tested as well and I reacted to five or six allergens. I've been previously diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and severe asthma. I don't have any gastrointestinal problems except for GERD. With my most recent visit to a gastroenterologist, he said I have "grade 1 finger clubbing".

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