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Poo Question
Sep 21, 2004
When DS was first diagnosed, we were told to watch his stools for signs of malabsorption -- greasy, foul smelling stuff and adjust his enzymes accordingly; however, the first few stools when he was on pregestimil were soft and the color of grass. Doctors told us that was good, when we thought it looked awful. We’re just never quite sure if he's is malabsorbing or not -- sometimes his stools are looser, little curdier-- but they don’t smell foul -- to me they’ve always smelled milky or like feta cheese. We usually give him 3 pancrease mt4 capsules with each meal.

Just wish there was a more scientific approach. I’m always examining diapers and trying to figure it all out. When I ask my husband he always insists we’d know ‘cuz they’d be foul smelling. And I hate to get real extreme and constantly be readjusting his enzymes. He pretty much eats the same amounts, same stuff. Early on we had probs with constipation, so we don't really want to go down that road. Again, my husband insist that we can’t really over do the enzymes -- he’d have a red baboon butt if we gave him too many.

So how do other people figure this all out or is it just a matter of floating or not floating.

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