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I'm a mother of a 2yr old with CF. I diagnosed my son at 5 months by reading the symptoms on the CF website--

Greasy stools - there's an oily substance that would show on the diaper & BM. Its mostly the mal-absorbed fat from food. My son did not have this-

Frequent and or foul smelling stools- my sons were just frequent

Hearty appetite with little weight gain

Pnuemonia, failure to thrive, salty skin. But remember that CF shows itself in many different ways- some children have all the symptoms, some have 1.

I hope your doctor is scheduling a sweat test for your daughter. It is non invasive and does not hurt at all.

Call the hospital where you gave birth or your OB to see if CF screening is done on all newborns. This way here you know whether she's already been screened or not- thats what got the ball rolling for me.

I hope I helped a little, please feel free to ask me anything
When my son was bottle fed, I never saw greasy stools, his were just frequent- 4-5 a day and sometimes looked foamy, they were yellowish.

When he got into food is when I noticed the oily substance, because he needed his enzymes increased. The oil was orangey- and I saw it mostly on his diaper- it looked kind of like orange cooking oil. We haven't had this happen often.

Breast fed babies will have different stools and babies wit CF have all kinds of different stools- so its hard to say.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you+
When my son was a baby, the first 3 month of life I breast fed, I did not really notice any greasy stools. But every diaper was a poopy diaper, that was about 6 or 8 times a day. Being a new mom I didn't really realize that this was a abmormal thing. When I could no longer breast feed I had to wean him, his growth came to a screeching hault. I think since breast milk is easier to digest that maybe his little body was doing an OK not great, but an OK job of digesting it. As far as foulness, reeked, he still does 15 years later. As far as the jelly consistancy, I think his was more mucousy when he was being breastfed, but that was a long long time ago and my memory is not crystal clear on that one. I do remember he tastied like a salt lick when I kissed him, and he always had a little cough. I don't know if this has helped you at all.

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