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I was just diagnosed with CF over Easter break. I'm 20 years old; I was tested as an infant - the first test was 90 (positive) then they sent me to certified CF center where the tests kept coming back inconclusive (like 57-59 were mine), so they decided that I did not have it because most other CF babies has sweat tests in the 100's or higher.

My doctor recommended that I get re-tested for CF when I was about 12, but for some reason that never happened. I have chronic sinusitis and have been basically living on antibiotics for years; I also have exercise induced asthma, and a lot of other symptoms -- after looking them up randomly, I told my family I was giong to be retested, and my results were positive. I had blood drawn last week, and the genetic test results will be back in 4-5 weeks. If anyone else is an adult diagnosed w/ CF i'd love to talk/e-mail. I'm kind of depressed being away from my family (at college) and I don't really know what to expect, etc. :(

as for getting more info on mild cases - my doctor gave me a VERY informative book. It's called "Now that I have CF" - Information for Men & Women diagnosed as adults (I've tried to find it else where with no success, so maybe ask your doctor about it - it's published by Solvay Pharmaceuticals)

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