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My daughter started having trouble with her asthma at 1 year old. They did testing for the immune system, sweat test for CF, a biopsy to test the cilia in her body to see if it was working properly and everthing came back ok. We were still having major trouble with her asthma. Finally her doctor did genetic testing for CF and any polymorphisms. The CF came back negative but the Polymorphism came back positive for two M470V's. One she inherited from me and the other from her Dad. Studies are just beginning to be done on this M470V but it is not believed to disease causing at this time, according to Ambry Genetics. What it does mean is that she is more likely to get sinus infections than the normal child and the sinus problems in my daughter is a major trigger of her asthma. Right now we have the sinus problems a little under control and this helps her asthma but it's day to day really. Even the cold weather can set her off.

I absolutely agree about checking out a children's hospital in your area. Even if it is not CF, you still need to find out what is triggering the asthma. By the way, my daughter didn't show any allergies either. Her doctor said sometimes they have to be a little older for a test to show positive on the skin. Another words young kids may have allergies but still show negative on the skin tests. She recommended we test again in the future when she's a little older. My daughter is 2 1/2 now. If you click on the large ByHope it will ask if you want to see all posts by me and you can read some of the other comments and details about my daughter and what the doctors have told us.

Good Luck!

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