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Hi. I have a five year old daughter with CF. I have learned that you have to do a lot of research yourself and go with your gut matter what you are told by your physician...A mother is with her child 24/7, whereas, a physician sees a patient for 10 - 15 minutes and sometimes makes a hasty assessment...I was told when my daughter was 6 months old that "she just had a cold". The doctor almost laughed when I wanted her tested for CF. I apologetically said, "Perhaps I am a paranoid mother, but I would like to have her tested anyway". Danielle presented with all of the classic symptoms: failure to thrive, salty-tasting skin, persistent cough, anemic...Many physicians ignore nutrition altogether...The fact that she had so many greasy stools and was severely anemic due to malabsorption should have been big clues. Physicians do not always try to get to the root of the problem....They prescribe medication to treat the symptoms instead of determining the underlying cause....

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