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Does CF cause a change in oxygen saturation levels?

Our appointment didn't go very well. It's an incredibly long story so I won't go into details but it was awful.

The PA (physician's assistant) ordered tests (I had to request them as he doesn't want to "push any panic buttons") but didn't sign the release before he went home (he was ill with a sinus infection) so I wasn't able to have them done yesterday or today (he'll be in tomorrow). He also isn't finished looking at my daughter's chart (as stated by the nurse) and her pulse oximeter reading was 92 which the nurse verified is "on the low side".

DD is not quite 22 months has had pneumonia twice and her hands are frequently cyanotic. Yet no one was alarmed at her oxygen saturation levels (except me). Then again the PA hasn't even seen them yet :confused: .

I requested the sweat chloride test which will be done along with the blood draws tomorrow (I'm demanding they be done tomorrow).

I took her in largely because of her lack of weight gain and they weighed her on an adult scale (doesn't have ounces just one of those sliding weight types) fully clothed with shoes and a full diaper!!

I am so shocked at the lack of concern we were shown yet I feel I got the tests I wanted for her. It's such a let-down though. I fully expected someone to show some concern. They didn't even have me remove her clothing. No one pushed on her belly, looked in her ears, nose or throat.

He strongly feels it's allergies (gluten); which I'm inclined to agree with him but want to rule out CF and diabetes (DD drinks enormous quantities of water; up to a gallon a day at times).

I just really don't know what to think about it all. My husband keeps asking me if the tests all come back "normal" if I'll let it go and believe them. Is the sweat chloride test definitive? Does an "in range" reading always mean one does not have CF? Should I request the genetic test along with it? Is the blood test definitive? I really feel something is wrong. I do not have a tendency to fret over things yet this has me quite concerned.

Well, if anyone can answer my question I'd appreciate it; thanks for reading all the gobbledy-gook that went along with it :) .

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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