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DS was diagnosed at birth cuz of a bowel obstruction. At about 3 months he developed bronchitis 'cuz of a bug he brought home from the hospital. Xrays showed he had air trapping in his lungs. He has some sinus issues. He takes enzymes pancrease mt4s with each meal. He has a poochy tummy 'cuz of his digestion issues -- when he malabsorbs his poo is loose, greasy and smells like feta cheese -- he eats a lot of dairy. We do treatments three times a day with albuterol and atrovent and every other month he's on an inhalable antibiotic twice a day. He takes ADEKs vitamins, actigall (bile salts) and keflex (antibiotic) daily. He goes to a day care center. It was very very overwhelming at first. I was so angry and scared. But we just do what we gotta do to keep ds healthy and hope a treatment or cure will be found within his lifetime.

ENJOY your children! Doctor once told me not to dwell on this and feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I have to tell myself to suck it up and quit feeling sorry for myself. I just look at my smiley toddler and he brings me such joy.

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