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My daughter is five years old. Since birth she has always been a mucusy baby, but onlyin her chest. She does not have a runny nose very often. She had multiple ear infections as an infant and had tubes put in at one. She had a test for whooping cough at 6 months, and a bladder infection. Before a year, she had bronchitis. at eleven months because she was mucusy and her stools were white and hard she was tested for liver enzymes, hepatitis, cystic fibrosis and trypsin and some immune deficiencies. Her cf test was the sweat test and it was borderline, so we didn't go there. She had pneumonia again at 18 months. Inbetween she would get a cold and have a very rattling cough for a good 6 weeks. We treated her with nebulizers, which I didn't think really helped. Even after her ear tubes were in, she continued to have ear infections, but not as often. She started croup at age 18 months as well. When she was almost 3 she had pneumonia that sent her temp souring and her white blood cell count over 30,000. She had a grand mal seizure. Her pediatrician thought the x-ray looked odd and wasn't really sure that it was pneumonia even though the radiologist said it was. She continued to have a phlegmy cough on and off for weeks at a time and sometimes would have croup. She has now been phlegmy for the past 2.5 weeks. Her weight is 41 pounds and she looks healthy, but has always seemed to not want to walk anywhere. She would rather take the stroller, she does seem to say she is tired quite often. Often her lungs sound clear despite the noise in her chest. Her x-ray did not show typical pneumonia but rather a hazy area over her middle right lobe. The ped thought maybe atypical pneumonia. He thought he could hear some crackling. What does a cf patients lungs look like on an x-ray. Does anyone have grey stools? She has always had like stringy mucusy stuff on her stools. We tested again for cf today and are also testing for Ig deficiencies. What do you think? I am so frustrated everytime I hear her cough.

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