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Sweat Test
May 17, 2005
I wasn't really given any special instructions for the sweat test except that my daughter be well hydrated. I was cautioned that if she had vomitting or diarrhea that the test would need to be rescheduled. Two days before the test, my daughter vomited once each day. She also had about two to three "loose" bowel movements each day. This was a stomach bug and not normal for her. She continued to eat and drink but not quite as much as usual. She did not appear dehydrated as her skin snapped back in shape when gently pinched.

I took her to the sweat test anyway. If I had cancelled it, it would be yet another wait to get another one scheduled.

They apparently were able to get enough of a sample, and it came back negative with a low number :) . Is there any reason to think this may not be accurate just because she did vomit and have some loose bowel movement in the two days before the test?

She doesn't have any of the digestive symptoms I've seen mentioned like having foul, greasy, and/or floating stools. The diarrhea and vomitting mentioned above are not normal and were due to a stomach bug. Her main problem seems to be respiratory: several bout of bronchiolitis (one of those bouts was confirmed to be RSV), pneumonia & ear infections twice, and wheezing/coughing that lingers for days even with Pulmicort and Xopenex treatments in her first year of life.

If the sweat test was accurate, how likely is it that she could be among the few who wouldn't test positive because this was a less common genetic mutation?

If I can pretty much rule out CF, what are other things besides reflux that might need to be looked into? Is it possible that this is just asthma that needs to be better controlled. Thank you!


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