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Sweat Test at 122
Oct 22, 2001
Our 19 month old son had his first sweat test today...result was 122. We are being re-tested on Wednesday. We have been struggling for nine months with an infant with chronic diarhea...frequent (5-8 per day), oily, large. He has been to a GI specialist, scoped (upper and lower), multiple blood tests, stool samples, etc. diagnosis to-date. He has not been considered for CF because he has been "thriving" as described by his pediatrician...currently, 35 inches, 30lbs (90th+ percentile since 4 months old). He did have some reflux problems before 12 months, had three c-dif positive results, one abnormal fat absorption result, and the recent scope showed gastritis in his stomach and his lower colon was swollen, but no answers from the physicians. He has had mutliple ear infections and an (almost) constant runny nose for these nine months. We are wondering now if CF is a real possibility with the sweat test results, but we will have to wait for the re-test and a consultation with our physician. Although, to-date we have been extremely frustrated with a lack of answers! Do these symptoms or circumstances look familar to anyone?

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