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November 1, 2001 i lost a good friend/classmate to Cystic fibrosis
I wish there were a cure soo much

here are some details:
ok, well i went to her house on thursday to talk to her dad and get some pictures for the year book, and he told me what happened
...first of all... she suffered from cystic fibrosis, which sooner or later takes ur life.. usually as a kid
so anyhow, she decided that this fall she was going to give herself a chance and get the risky double lung transplant...
her father and x bf were perfect matches
so her dad gave her his left lobe.. and Boe, her x bf gave her his right lobe.. well the surgery went fine.. 2 days later when she woke up, she sat up and couldnt breathe..
her dad said "Drea, whats wront, you have a new, perfect set of lungs"
she was like.. i cannot breathe!
that night she was unconcious
her lungs were full of blood... the surgeon had cut the artery from her right lung to her heart too short
so they did an emergency tissue transplant.. the next morning... they called her moms co-worker, who also was tested and matched and said if anything goes wrong shes next on the list
well that transplant went fine..but they did x rays and say dark spots on her lungs.. so they did a little bit of testing and found that the fongus(however u spell it) that grows in old hospital walls was growing in her... which was completely abnormal.. but it happened cuz her immune system was basically stripped
so they told her dad, its finally over with, its hopeless.
he said thats what he was waiting for cuz he was 100% sure that after the doctors gave up, God would step in, he said that there were over 10,000 people praying for her
and when u walk into the room you could feel the spirit
but she lived 9 days after the doctor said its hopeless
she died on thursday november 1
she requested that the band play at her funeral
also, monday before she died, she was dancing so happy on her bed with her parents... the preacher at her funeral said "that was her way of saying, mom, dad, im not going to be here much longer , but lets celebrate"
the day after she died, however our band just happened to have a home game to perform at.. so we dedicated it to her and said the poem that u see on the page
the seniors pinned orange carnations to our jackets... and everyone had a purple ribbon pinned to the right side
and we let rainbow balloons go for her
she had a coffin where we could all sign it... someone wrote "Thank God you are in no more pain and do not have to suffer anymore!"
...really made me think
just ...that she is in a far better place now.. and that person was right.. thank God she doesnt suffer anymore
everyday before school and after school she was on a breathing machine for 2 hours

so the only treatment I know of is a double lung transplant.. but that is very risky.. andrea wasnt too fortunate :(
for more about Andrea, check out this site, where we (Porterville High Band) dedicated our last feild show to her: [url="éa_noble.htm"]éa_noble.htm[/url]

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