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I'm 31 and trying to figure out why I've had a cough for over a year. It's driving me crazy and any ideas would be very much appreciated!
It's now been misdiagnosed about 8 times by 5 different doctors, and now they're just flat-out telling me they have no idea. They keep ruling things out (list available if anyone thinks it would be helpful), but they can't tell me why I'm coughing.
I got to the CF board after doing some research on my own. I tried searching Yahoo on some of what I'd said to my PCP on my last visit. I very distinctly remember saying "The only symptoms I've had as long as I've had the cough, are things I've had my whole life: I eat constantly but can't gain weight [I'm 5'5", 113 lbs], and my nose has been running my entire life. And I still think this cough might be connected to the pneumonia I had in '98." Well, knowing what I read about CF within the past few days, I'm surprised a light didn't go off in his head at that point. But he just said he didn't think these things were connected.
So, like I said, I did some research on my own and my searches pulled up a lot of CF sites, so I thought maybe that was it. And also, I noticed that it would explain my severe pretzel addition (which I hadn't mentioned to my doctor because I thought it was psychological), because doesn't CF cause excess loss of salt in the sweat? So maybe it was a physical craving for salt?
But here's the thing, I called my doctor and asked about CF, he said he thought it was "highly unlikely, but anything's possible," and did a referral for a blood DNA test, which I had. But his office just called and said it came out NEGATIVE. So now I'm totally frustrated, because I really thought that was it. Assuming his office didn't mess up & give me the wrong result, what now?
Is there any chance the blood test was wrong? Or does anyone know of a disorder that's similar to CF but maybe milder, and where the blood test comes out negative?
Really sorry this post is so ridiculously long. I really have to get rid of this cough, at this point I would be happy to hear any correct diagnosis no matter what it is, or any kind of pointer in the right direction. Thanks very much.

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