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Any Ideas?
May 14, 2002
Okay,so what do you do if the test is inconclusive? We are waiting for the drugs to do a pancreozymin secretin stimulation test (earliest Jan 2003). Our two year old respondes to the enzymes and wait gainers. We are facing another respriatory infection. Any thoughts about asking dr to just decide so we can get on with our lives. It is a struggle to not know with her showing the signs. She has had 3 cases of pnuemonia and has a wet,rattlely cough. Pedi dr just says wait on treating. They say kids get colds it will go away. Now we are nebbing again, and still wheezing. Gastro dr can't decide on diganosis. I'm exhausted. Gastro dr to see 3 mth old in June. He thinks he wants a sweat test on him because only responds to Pregestimil and is on antibotics for sinusist and ear infections again. Also, suffers from reflux. Any place to get Mom and Dad tested for carries? Maybe this would help docs? Just want to cry. Both kids are sick and cruddy again. Any OTC work good to keep the cough quit at night but not dry the kids out? The 2 yr old is coughing until she throws up every night. Any help is apperciated. THANKS
Re: Any Ideas?
Jun 18, 2002
I truly do feel for you and understand the frustrations you are faced with.
I too have a child that is baffling us and the doctors contantly and we cannot get a diagnosis. One day they think Celiac , next Day something mechanical now we are in the waiting period for my sons second Sweat Chloride test to confirm if he has CF. In the mean time they are saying he is just contipated.

We have been in and out of hospitals, seen every specialist and still running tests, everything is borderline inconclusive.

He has been suffering for over 11 months now we need answers!!!

Sorry I can't help you but I thought perhaps sharing our frustrations may help each other.

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