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Hi all... I just was wondering if there is anyone that has a hive type rash that is present after eating? My daughter is almost 10 (in Oct) We don't know if she is CF or not... She has had on positive test in 1993 and about 7 inconclusive test in the past year and 1 negitave... anyhow I always thought that if you had a positive test that meant that you were positive... But, the doc says thats not always the case... Anyhow, she gets this hive type rash well, I guess it looks like hives... After everything she eats... She has NO alergys (SP?) The doc has done a lot of alergy (SP) test on her and all are negative... Anyhow, I was looking up the Pancreas on the net to see if there was some conection there... and there is some conection to CF through the Pancreas... Anyhow, I hope this makes sense... She has had poor growth until the last year or so... She was in the 20th percentile for he weight... He height has always been good... She has had about a million lung infections... Asthma was DX in 1993... she has spent alot of time in the hospital in 1993 when the positive sweat test was done she was in the hospital for a month... But, we were never told of a positive test... I was 18 at the time and didn't ask questions... we found out about it in 1999 and since then she has had about 8 more sweat tests... everytime its inconclusive the doc just retests her... So, let me know if this sounds like anything that you have ever heard of... Thanks... AlaskaChickie

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