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Hi Elaine,
I just reread your entry from January. I was wondering if you ever found about your son? Did he have cf? Did they do more testing? The reason I ask is because we are in the same predicament. My son had 2 sweat tests both of which were borderline. His genetics test was negative. However, his genetic test only tested for 100 mutations,but there are over 600 cf mutations found. How can anyone conclude he doesn't have cf if you haven't tested for all the possible mutations? Isn't that in conclusive?
Well, I think it is and have been playing phone tag with his doctor. The problem is my son has had gi symptoms since his first month of life.And they still continue inother words, he has a lot of symptoms and I think he requires one more test. But which one? The nasal test would probably be next from what I've read but I think it's invasive. But the worst scenario would be for us to go on a few more years, and then we finbd out he has it and he's lost two years of treatment.Thus, I can identify with you so please let me know about your son and what you did, doctors, tests, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

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