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I was just reading your posts and they sound alot like things that happend to my children. My oldest daughter had the same kind of problems as you have decribed your child having. From the time she was born (she is 10 now) she had awful diarrhea. She would have at least 10 or more dirty diapers a day. She was constantly sick (runny nose,coughing,throwing up and fever) She stopped breathing in the middle of the night because she had a massive build up of flem in her throat. (when we got this stuff out of her throat it looked like mesh lining from a windbraker) I was thinking that she had gotten into something and put it in her mouth and that she was choking. But, after we got it and she seemed to be ok. We put her in her carseat to take her to the hospital and it happend again. When we got to the hospital the doctor (ER DOC) told me that she (my daughter) had to cough this stuff out that it was just mucus caused from a cold. Anyhow, she spent alot of time in the hospital over the next 5 years and they were telling us that she just had asthma. In 1999 we moved to another city and started seeing a new Doctor. He got her File from the hospital and Doctor in the other town. He was shocked to find that in 1993 when our daughter was 5 months old and in the hospital that a Sweat Test had been done and was positive. We knew nothing about this (we were young) I know thats no excuse but thats all I have. They never told us anything. They just kept telling us that she had Asthma. Anyhow, our new doctor had another Sweat Test done that very day. It was inconclusive.So, we did it again. 4 more times it was inconclusive. Then we got a positive test and then a negitave one. So, I was told by the pulmonoligist SP? here in our town that once a positive test always a positive test. Anyhow, she is doing well after all of this. She has finally hit a growth spert. She is 5 foot tall and 100 lbs. *10 years old* She hasn't spent a day in the hospital in over 4 years. I believe that is due to our climate in Alaska. We live in Anchorage right on the water. So, the cold,dry & windy in the winter and warm,wet and windy in the summer has really helped her. We know of several other CFers in Anchorage doing very well like our child.

This is alot longer than I intended it to be... LOL... I will tell you about my youngest child next time... My fingers are tired now... LOL...



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