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"looks too good"
Apr 7, 2003

Have many people bben told that their child looks too good to have cf? My son has made it to almost average but has had gi symptoms since 1 month old.
Although he hasn't had pneumonia, he is constantly battling upper respiratory and sinus infections as well as fluid in both ears. Even when he's not on an antibiotic, he continues to have a clear to green mucus running contiunously from his nose. Please let me know if this is also the case with your child.
We are taking my son to his first cf clinic next week at a new hospital. Although he's had 2 borderline sweat tests, a negative genetic test, we've never been to a cf clinic, only a gi doctor,nutritionist, and allergist despite all his symptoms.
Hi Chacha,
If you see this,I hope your family is doing well and that your husband hasn't been called to active duty. However, if he has, I'll pray for him. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks to all,

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