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Re: Cf clinic Q's
Jul 28, 2005
Personally I've always just taken regular vitamins. Currently taking ONe a day extra strenghth. And extre vitamin K and D. ADEKs don't have enough of the other stuff one needs and as an adult it would take quite a few ADEKs to reach the level of needed vitamins. What I'm on works for me and I've heard other CFers say the same. PLus one might not be deficient in A,D, E and K(I only have issues with K and D)

I don't go to a CF clinic anymore, I use private practice docs. The CF clinic I went to shared a waiting room with thhe ped hematology/oncology clinic,the spina bifida clinic and another clinic. I know CF patients and cancer patients don't mix! Overall the cross contamination policies stunk! PLus it was an all day affair(I remember having a 9AM appointment and seeing the doctor at 3PM, one of the first appointments but last one seen). Anyway this was a CFF accredited clinic. I won't get into my feelings on the CFF.

Of course some would say I'm bad...I had a friend who had CF and was around her, I swim in rivers and lakes etc. I didn't go to school thought(homeschool) and avoid large crowds as I always get sick when around a lot of people

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