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Re: Hi everyone
Aug 21, 2003
Hi Susan, I hope you are feeling better these days. Sorry to hear about Jeffrie's not so good recovery from his adenoid/tonsilectomy. Anna had her tonsils/adenoids taken out when she was in the first grade. Wow, 10 years ago come Sept! She did not do so well in her recovery either. She didn't get any infections but lost a dramatic amount of weight due to the fact that she didn't want to eat much because it hurt her throat. I think she was most likely the exception when they say patients recover quickly. When she was supposed to rinse and gargle, she wouldn't because it "hurt" well then she developed way thick and an abundance of mucus in her throat and mouth. I'd say she took about two to three weeks to recover. She should have been able to return to school in like three days but Noooooo, not her. I believe your ENT should have seen him when he developed fevers. Now the difficult task of getting his weight back up. Anna had a few ear infections when she was little but we had tubes put in her ears when they couldn't get the fluid behind the drum to clearup. She was 4 then, Rachel had tubes in too at the same time due to frequent ear infections. Once they had the tubes we didn't experience any ear infections for quite a few years. Rachel had one a year and a half ago, they had to go and suck out fluid by puncturing her drum(?) then it leaked fluid for about two days. She had a mild ear infection (caught early) back about three years ago. She had to have her ear suctioned out again just this June right before leaving for vacation. We took her in because we were flying and better to be safe than sorry and on a plane and miserable.
All is well with the girls. They are back at school this week and trying to get back into the old routine. Anna had a good clinic last week and Rachel has hers in mid-Sept. She's been coughing a little more lately, I hope she does well. No decrease in appetite or activity level so I'm not really worried. Anna has come to terms somewhat with her port. She is still not happy with it but doesn't complain constantly anymore.
We didn't go to Disney while we were in Fl. We just didn't have time. We were going to go to Sea World but didn't make that either. Her modeling conference was a tight schedule the entire week we were there and then we left Orlando and drove down to Key Largo for some sun and sea. We stayed there a couple of days and then returned to Cocoa Beach where my younger brother-in-law was getting married. We spent some time on my older brother-in-laws boat, taking the girls out and they really enjoyed that. They both got some major sun and Anna got some color back in her that we hadn't seen in quite a while. She as really happy about that, she was wanting to go to a tanning booth. It was really enjoyable. They (my brother/sister-in-law) want us to plan again for next year but we are looking at going to S.Carolina with some friends instead. Who knows, it's too early to plan for sure. Next summer will be Anna's senior summer and we could be stuck moving again. You just never know with the military and we have been forwarned that it could happen. I try not to think about it. But it always seems to creep up and into my mind. What if????
That's about all for me here. I hope Jeffrey gets back to his old self and feels bettersoon. Take care and hope to hear Jeffrey is better soon.


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