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My daughter had the sweat test done to rule out CF, but, my question is: Is it possible for that to come back negative but still have CF?

Since reading these posts it sounds like she does have all the symptoms, so I want to make sure that the sweat test was sufficient in ruling it out. I have read references to a gene that cf patients carry. If the sweat test comes back negative, is it necessary to test for the gene? Is that test a simple blood test?

She was also tested for PCD which they state is sometimes misdiagnosed as CF, after 2 - 3 attempts at that test it came back negative.

She has had 2-3 endoscopies and bronchoscopies (sp?). Xrays, CT scans, MRI's, adenoidectomy, allergy testing, treatment for asthma...

I am going to pick up her latest 3 week supply of antibiotics as she is having a tough time right now with the mucous and coughing.

Any ideas or suggestions for things for me to research would be appreciated. Her next appointment with the pulmonologist is in December, I would like to be prepared.

Thank you!

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