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I'm very interested, I've got pseudomonas and I alternate between Tobramycin and Cipro. Tobramycin is a pain because you have inhale twice a day for 15 minutes. I'm allergic to Augmentum so that's not an option :(
Hmm. I rember taking Zithromax a few times when I was younger. If it was for pseudomonas I don't remember. I grew pseudomonas in july and was on Toby. I agree that its a pain. I have a hard enough time with all the other pills and treatments I have to do.

But I have anoughter question about pseudomonas. Can it go away once it is grown? My doctors took me off Toby after about a month. But then I think I heard someone say once you grow it it stays with you.
Yes, right now zithromax is being used as a preventative. So far at our clinic here things are looking up. Seems there have been less sick calls since we've started zithromax. My 13 yr. old daughter started it in Dec. last year and my 16 yr. old daughter started it in Jan. of this year. All has been going well so far! If we make it to April my oldest will have gone an entire year without IV antibiotics! My fingers are crossed but really I"m happy to have gone this long.

I too have heard that once you have cultured for pseudomonus it there to stay. But my younger daughter who didn't culture for it until she was 11, didn't culture for it last year. I didn't ask why. She's only been on TOBI once. She hasn't had her followup after her annual yet so I don't know if she's cultured again. They only call if there's a change in treatment.

As for remembering to take all your meds. If you are on more than enzymes, try a pill box. The ones with the days on them. That is what we do. I fill them up once a week, usually on Sunday. I have the girls leave the lid open after they have taken their meds. so we can easily see that that day has been taken. If you have to take meds. in the morning and evening use two, two different colors. It makes things easier. We have ours on the counter. I also use one of those small plastic boxes (the kind that looks like a crate) to hold all the pill bottles so they are handy and don't get scattered. Only the daily meds go in there. Tylenol, motrin and all other typical meds go in the medicine cabinet. Just some ideas to help remember to take your meds.


I have CF and have had pseudomonas for I don't know how long. It's been years since I've had it. It's never gone away with me.

JUst an FYI.


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