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I have a 7 year old daughter that has had a chronic productive cough since she was 3 years old. She has been to every possible specialist imaginable, they are unable to diagnos her condition. She has been tested and treated for non-existent allergies. She has had her adenoids removed. They have done the sweat test and ruled out CF. She has had 2 endoscopy's and bronchoscopy's. The last procedure she had to have done twice had our hopes up, they thought it was Primary Ciliary Dyskenesia (sp?) or PCD, but after almost 2 years the results came back negative. So, we are back at the drawing board.

I am trying to find others who may have children with similar conditions that may have some suggestions. Her symptoms mimic Cystic fybrosis in many ways. She has a terrible productive cough that sounds like a belch or bark, periodic crusty stuffed nose, when she gets up in the morning her eyes are matted shut. She is pale, gets dark circles under her eyes and frequently complains of foot pain and her hands falling asleep. She has difficulty sleeping because when she lays down she coughs. In gym class at school if she gets too worked up or hot she will start a coughing fit and get sick. When she coughs this stuff up it is often golf ball size, occasionally larger, thick and green. Also when she gets stressed she gets severe stomache aches. She does seem to get slightly better in the Summer, but it never goes totally away. By the time she comes home from school and it's time to do homework she has a hard time concentrating as she is so worn out.

If anyone has a child or knows someone with a child with similar symptoms please reply! Her doctors at the children's hospital are even scratching their heads at this point.

Please keep her in your prayers!

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