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No, it is not possible to catch CF. It is a genetic disease. A CF'er receives one CF gene from each parent at conception. Each parent must be a carrier of the CF gene or have CF themselves inorder to pass it on to their child. Also, just FYI, if two parents are carriers, it doesn't neccessarily mean that their children will have it, they can also pass a "good" gene or one pass the "good" gene and one pass the CF gene. Which if they each pass the good gene the child would neither have CF nor be a carrier, if one passed the good gene and the other passed the CF gene then the child would just be a carrier of the CF gene. CF does not have to be in the family in order for someone to be a carrier. Neither my family nor my husbands had CF in our family, our kids are the first two.

You sound like you have some major sinus problems though. Have you seen an ENT? (ear, nose & throat doctor)

Do you get frequent respiratory infections? Lung infections are a major part of CF. They are the life threatening aspect of CF.

If you haven't seen or been seeing an ENT, try to get a referral from your primary doctor. They may be able to give you some answers to why you are constantly spitting out mucus. Do you have headaches? Also, a sign of sinus problems. Chronic sinusitus could be it.


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