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Dear friend,
Its ok to be concerned. It sounds like from what you've gone through you should be upset. But don't start imagining that you have some juggernaut of a disease, that you don't have control over. Its possible you may have CF, but what is more likely is that you started out in this world - at the most toxic stage of its recorded history - with a set of debilitating disadvantages that no generation has experienced in exactly this way before. For one, you were probably never given the essential nutrients your body and immune system need to be healthy. If you were lucky to have been sufficiently breast fed as an infant, and lucky enough to have a mother whose diet itself was not deficient in minerals, vitamins, and good bacteria, you may have been born into this world with a relatively fresh start. But what is more likely is that you were never given what you needed, and moreover, suffered the bodily assualt of antibiotics at an early age (as with most antibiotics, misprescribed for a viral infection), the infinitely complex foundation for your immune system, digestion and elimination was destroyed, or seriously compromised. When we are born we have several pounds of us that is "other," or good bacteria. Feces, for instance, is up to 90% bacteria by weight. When we are given antibiotics it kils the good bacteria as well as the "bad," and allows candida - a naturally occuring yeast - to grow out of bounds, and set up the conditions for chronic secondary bacteria infections and reinfections. Eventually, the body malforms and one has polyps, which bring more traumas and more antibiotics......

....taking good bacteria (a comprehensive selection of 14 or more non-competing strains), and erradicating the candidasis may be the only way to turn the tables, or the course of biological time itself. I believe that since anti-biotics literally mean "against life," or DEATH, they start are dangerous course of degeneration within the body organism. Remember that a healthy human has more living bacteria than actual eukaryotic cells, or human cells. That makes us more bacteria than human! And consider that from the birth of mammals themselves, this symbiosis is passed down to us, continually, from generation to generation, ad infinitum - UNLESS the bacteria is destroyed by antibiotics, or similar modern contrivances.

You can reverse your health problems.....move beyond the concept of "disease"...take ownership, responsibilty for your health, and you can "uncreate" the symptoms. You must study yourself carefully, and perhaps change your entire perspective on the causes of disease....
Consider that antibiotics only fight bacteria, and only a limited selection of bacteria. Candida, the naturally occuring yeast in the body, is resistent to antibiotic therapy, and in fact, thrives when the good bacteria that keep it in check is destroyed via antibiotic therapy. Moreover, the bacteria in our body, after being subject to multiple courses of antibiotics can become resistant.
Sinus infection is a surface manifestation of a suppressed immune system. The immune system is composed, in large part, by the natural defenses afforded to us through good bacteria....bacteria that number in the trillions. Antibiotics kill these natural "allies," and we are left open to reinfection and further dependence on antibiotics. I've been through sinus surgery, as has my partner. I've lived with chronic sinus infection for years. I am now symptom free, as is my partner, by disavowing entirely antibiotics, and changing everything about the way we eat. Dairy will lead to infection, as will wheat, in most. Using a xylitol based saline spray like Xlear, can work wonders. Taking a good probiotic will reestablish the "missing link" in health, and build back up your immune system. Detoxifying your tissues from antibioic poisons is a must. Do a bowel and liver cleanse. Change, entirely, your whole attitude towards "dis-ease," recognizing that if we have helped to create our disease, we have the power to uncreate it. All the tools are there.
When it comes to recommendations like "you have to take it the rest of your life," its like pronouncing a death sentence on common sense. My father spent his entire life studying toxicology, and enabled me to undertand the underlying perversity of the toximolecular approach in modern medicine: namely, using sublethal doses of toxic substances. Flonase is a corticosteroid, which simulates the action of our own, endogenously secreted anti-inflammatory hormone: cortisol. The problem is that when an external cortisol mimicking chemical is administered, our biological feedback loop tells the adrenals to stop making its own....a serious problem if it was already struggling to get a hold on the inflammation. So, what happens, is your body does in fact grow dependent on the drug, in the same metabolic sense as heroine or nicotine, making it not impossible - but potentially hellish - to withdrawal the chemical from the system.
Corticosteroids have a long list of serious side effects: from weight gain, to high blood pressure, to cataracts, to stomach ulcers, to osteoporosis.....too many reasons not to try and get off of them.

I really think your best bet is to rebuild your immune system. I was on allergy shots for over 10 years. It wasn't until I removed dairy from my diet that I not only eliminated my allergies, but my severe bronchial asthma. I can name at least 5 serious problems with dairy, but will spare you the details for now.

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