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I am not sure how to ask this but I was wondering if any of your children have thick ear wax. When I try to clean Matt's ears it is like glue. Everytime I try to clean them he gets an ear infection. I was wondering if there is a connection with the mucus.

Thanks- Matt's Mom
There is something called "glue ear" that people can get after a cold or infection. Mucus gets trapped in the eustacian tubes and causes problems.

DS had more of a problem with ear wax when he was about 6 months old. In fact, once when DS was at the doctor for a fever, the doctor couldn't see into his ears the wax was so bad and proceeded to use a wire-like tool to remove all the ear wax and then discovered DS had a nasty ear infection.

I pretty much leave DS's ears alone, unless I notice a chunk of ear wax is right near the entrance of his ear canal.

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