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I saw a bunch of postings on problems people were having getting their insurance to cover PGD. I just met with a fertility specialist yesterday. He seemed optimistic that because my husband and I were both carriers (and very unfortunately had to terminate a previous pregnancy due to the horrible combination of strands we both had) that we would likely be covered by insurance for PGD. However, when his insurance coordinator called me today she advised that the chances of having my insurance approve it was 0-1%. She went on to mention something about if it is denied, I would have to go through "3 cycles?" I tried to ask her what she was talking about, but she was unable to articulate what she was talking about. I called back to speak to the doctor, and am still waiting to hear back. I know the doctor is writing a letter, but I don't know what else can be done.

Any thoughts on what she was refering to with the "3 cycles" or has anyone had success with HMO Blue approving their application/appeal for this procedure?
3 cycles would mean 3 attempts at getting pregnant: shots, blood draws, egg retreival, transfer- which would be very costly.
I was able to get PGD covered by Anthem and have several old posts about how I did it. My daughter was born in 3/05- so look for posts 9 months before that.
It is crucial that you write your own letter to the insurance company, explain how you feel, the cost involved with raising a child w/ CF- both emotionally and financially, etc. A letter solely from you doctor will not do it.
Good luck- ask me anything
Look at post with last reply 10/05 titled Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

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