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Jul 13, 2007
My son had two sweats done before he was one year old. The first test was 37 (boderline) and the second test was 23. He has chronic diareah with undigested food, foul smelling stools, and they are often mucousy and greasy. He is in the 25% for height and weight, which is significantly smaller than my other four kids. He has had RSV and pnuemonia as an infant, but just nasal stuff since.

He has many medical issues, and they *Think* he has celiac's disease but the GI will not commit to this. She would take another biopsy to confirm the diagnosis six months after starting the diet, but he has a bleeding disorder and the hemotogist will not sign off on another biopsy of him. So we will challenge at three the celiac's. He is not responding as well as they would like to see to the gluten free diet. My fear is what if we wait until he is three and it is NOT celiac's disease. We did have the gene test and he *does* have the gene for CD.

When he had his first sweat I just fed him and gave him drinks like I normally did. I was so freaked out the second time I wanted to make sure he wasn't dehydrated and I would say I probably OVER hydrated him. So I am always suspicious that I messed up the second sweat.

B/c of his numerous health issues, he has a case manager through our insurance. She has assured me that she could get the genetic testing approved based on the two sweats, just to rule it out once and for all.

Anyone have any thoughts on this at all? Thank you so much.

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