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I have had 2 ENT drs say that my chronic sinus issues remind them of someone with CF. (I do have CVID - immune system deficiency)...discussed this w/my infectious disease dr. (recurring MRSA and pseudomonas and fungal infections despite 3 longterm IV antibiotic treatments). Infectious dis. dr. thought it would be a good idea to have the test done. Her office was going to set up a sweat test. I waited in the the waiting room for a good while and the nurse came out and said the reason she took so long was because she called all the labs in Delaware and none of them do sweat tests on adults anymore. Dr. said not to worry about it. Is it possible that no one does this test on adults in an entire state? I know Delaware is small but still. Is anyone else finding this sort of thing anywhere else?

Thanks very much.
Gotcha, thanks for the info. I don't think they are going to do any tests now because the ID doc. said even if they found I had it there wouldn't be anything to do differently. I currently get monthly IVIG transfusions (for the IGG immune deficiency) and my sinuses are suctioned every other week and I am almost always on an antibiotic because I bounce back and forth between infections. As soon as one goes away then a different one comes in (pseudo, MRSA, fungal). My dr. has an office in the Glasgow Medical Ctr. so I would think that would have been one of the first ones they call.

I just thought it was awful that they didn't do the test on adults if that was the test that needed to be done for someone who was struggling for a diagnosis for their symptoms. My first ENT said he was going to test me one of the times I was in the hospital and that is when they found the IGG immune deficiency so maybe he did that blood work at that time and it was negative. They were testing me for so much stuff back then and I was so sick I don't really know all the tests they did. When I got the new ENT he asked if I had ever had a sweat test so I thought that was the definitive test. So, I guess it doesn't make much difference if they do it on adults or not.

Does CF have a high genetic link? No one in my extended family has CF but recently found that one of my cousins is a carrier when she was pregnant. I am 42 so don't think that is the issue as I thought it was usually diagnosed in infancy through young adulthood.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. It has just been one infection after another for the last 4 years and can't seem to get better and all the drs seem a bit stumped so I think they are all just reaching for any and all explanations.

Hope you are all doing as best as possible and doing it one day at a time.

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