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My wife and I are CF carriers. We started the process of PGD IVF and have just been denied the IVF portion by our insuance coverage because we are both fertile. We have blue cross blue sheild of Massachusetts. Has anyone been sucessfull with getting their insurance to cover this?
I don't have any specific info but if you do a search it should pull some stuff up. I know other people have talked about it on this board.
Hi, I actually was successful in getting PGD/ IVF covered back in 2005. My son was born in 2002 and has CF. We had no family history and it came as a real shock to us all. When the feeling came over us that we wanted another child, I thought it would never happen. I just couldn't take our chances, and I discussed this with my OB. He told me about PGD and I started the process. I have old posts that quote the letter I wrote to the insurance company. You definitely need to write a letter yourself to the insurance company and make it very clear how much more expensive it will be for them if you bring another CF child into the world. And how you want to expand your family, but only in the safest way possible.
Scroll through the old posts and ask me anything you'd like. PGD was one of the most incredible journeys I've ever been on. My 3 yr old daughter is happy, healthy, and a non carrier.

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