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DS is pancreatic insufficient, which includes a large percentage of cfers. He requires digestive enzymes to process fats and proteins otherwise he has very loose stools. He was born with a bowel obstruction caused by meconium illeus (sticky, green, tarlike stools) and needed surgery asap. We work very hard to keep him above the 50th percentile in weight, so he gets high calorie foods, fats. Does your child have issues maintaining weight -- failure to thrive? Sometimes shiny, greasy looking stools? When DS was on formula and didn't get enough enzymes his stools were "fluffy, greenish yellow and smelled sorta like feta cheese". Sorry if TMI. Sometimes, now that he's on regular table food he'll eat something higher in fat and will have orange drops of oil/grease in the toilet. And yes, when he was an infant, he'd poo right after eating (I thought most babies did that); however, sometimes he'd go 2-3 times DURING the diaper change, too. :)

You're not crazy. You're a concerned parent who NEEDS answers. I belive there are a couple different genetic testing companies -- ambry amplified and quest (sp) -- which test over 1500 genetic mutations! Your doctor can order those tests and have them sent out to the company.

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