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Sweat chloride ??
Jan 22, 2008
My daughter has had various symptoms....growth issues, ravenous appetite without gaining weight, a nose that is always running for over a year....sometimes not so much.....sometimes gunky and worse to name a few. She's had an endoscopy to rule out GI issues and other various tests. She had the infant blood screening for CF and that was negative.

Long story short...she had a sweat chloride test done yesterday.........her first number was they did the test again on a different arm......that number was 70...........they did a third on her leg....that was 67.

We had it done in a hospital and now our Dr. wants to have it done again down at the specialty area. Everything I am reading says sweat chloride tests can have false negatives..........I am not finding anything about false positives.

What are ANYONE'S thoughts. I have to wait until Friday and I can't help but think she more likely than not has CF????????? Besides the other "rare" diseases.........would there be false positives????????? Also......what's the difference between various sweat chloride My daughter's was not a guaze and was a drop of purified water put into 2 devices strapped to her arm with electrode like things.......the results came up on the computer???????????

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