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Hi everyone. My baby girl is a tough one to figure out. When she first came home from the hospital she had one or two dry littlecoughs through each nite.
Cultures showed staph. After albuterol and anitbiotics they came back clear next time. Then after we started silver and other stuff her cough went away completely. Now she is coughing maybe once during nite and maybe once during day. The other day she was crying and coughed up white mucus. Should I celebrate or be worried? I know everyone coughs, but with CF one always worries. I did increase albuterol to two times instead of once until she's cough free. She seems to feel fine and is still eating well. Id love to hear any input. Thanks!
I have CF and Im 21 years old, to be honest, it sounds bad, and its very annoying from age 0 to 21 to cough but its the best thing, if she can cough it up let her cough, it allows her little body to get all that yucky mucus out. As she gets older the white mucus will turn to green mucus, dont be alarmed because that is just telling you the progress of the CF in her body. Its no harmful, but she should get out as much as possible.

Hope this helps :)
Hi there, she is doing well. Thanks for asking. I do think I will call and just check with doctor tomorrow since we will be leaving for vacation in a bit and I really dont want to go with that big what IF looming over my head. Especially if stuff can be growing and no symptoms but a dry cough are shown. Glad you shared that Ratatosk. I should have been thinking about how the staph came about, it was like that too. Uugh! How is your little one Irishmom?

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