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Atypical CF?
Jan 30, 2010
my daughter has cf and when she was diagnosed my mum told me that i was tested for it as a baby when i had pneumonia, which i thought nothing of until now. today she was reading the newest CF Trust magazine and came across a letter that someone had written in wondering if their 20-something year old son had cf. the doctor replied saying that he might have Atypical CF which is often symptomless and only has one shared effect of cf (for example only the lungs may be affected) and people who have it tend to be diagnosed a lot later in life in comparison to typical cf sufferers (im 19).
the sweat test that i took when i had pneumonia never got any results because they couldnt get me to sweat but the doctor said i was about 98% unlikely to have cf (he probably came to that conclusion cos i was a reaally fat baby born at 10 pounds). it was only after she'd read the afore-mentioned letter that my mum told me that the reason i was tested for cf is because apparently my pneumonia was secondary pneumonia so the hospital said that there must have been an underlying illness that had triggered it.
ive only ever had 2 chest infections my whole life but my family seems to have really good immune systems (even my daughter whos 5 months has never had even a cough and is apparently over the 75th centile on the weight chart for babies her age without cf!!) and with that test in mind and the fact that i gave birth to a child with cf and ive had a cough for nearly my whole life (although its not a distressing cough i must cough at least 100 times a day, no exageration) me and my mum think i might have atypical cf.

does anyone on here have atypical cf? if you do could you please share your experience or knowledge of it as to whether they think its likely that i may have it, the extent that its supposed to effect your lungs and if it can effect fertility as much as typical cf i would really appreciate it

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