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Yes a sweat test can be wrong. My son had a normal 32; however, blood tests showed he did have CF.

The only way to tell for sure is to have a genetic blood test -- there are over 1500 mutations and most blood tests only cover the 30-100 most common mutations.

I would think based on your child's symptoms, you may want to pursure more testing. Have they ever done a fecal fat test to see if he's malabosorbing fats and needs digestive enzymes? Has he ever cultured common CF bugs such as pseudomonas?
Addressing your question...could the sweat test be wrong. I can say this, if the infant or child does not sweat very much during testing, its possible there could be borderline results or even negative. If your doctor suggests another one, take the child outside for the heat to make sweat, its possible you can have better results. Or better yet, they do have a blood test to test for genetic mutations of cf. It's possible if your child has CF, it MIGHT be a rare mutation that doesn't have alot of cf affects. The most common is the DeltaF508, which my twins have. Hope this helps.


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