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In 2010 my daughter had a bad case of pneumonia which ended up leaving some haze on her lung. She was okay for about 6 months then ended up getting sick again with ear and sinus infections. Since Septemer of 2010 for every month she has been into the dr and on an antibotic. She is now also being treated for asthma. The y have removed her adnoids but she is still getting reaccuring sinus and ear infections that end up with a cough which produces thick sticky phelgm. She also has a problem with her stools which she has had for a few years now. The are really big and end up clogging up are toliet. Right now she is back on antibotics with her daily asthma meds and nasonex. She has been tested for allergies and immune deficiency and both came back negitive. Her doctor told me to start asking family members about CF and immune problems. So far nooone in my family has ever had CF and really no immune problems. My grandmother did have cystic problems with her lung and had to have part of her lung removed a long time ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated she is only 5 and I would like to figure out what's wrong with her.

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