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My wife is a CF patient and had a bilateral pulmonary transplant 10 years ago. Recently (about 7 weeks ago) she contracted the first serious infection since the transplant procedure. She was hospitalize 10 days ago (after consistent drop of her physical ability) had a bronchoscopy done and the histologic examination determined she has Gram-negative bacteria (most probably pseudomonas). She was discharged 5 days ago with a PICC line for IV piperacillin treatment. Her peak flow went from her normal 380mL to 200-240 mL and has not improved even after she started to receive the piperacillin (it actually dropped a bit yesterday to 180-200). Besides her 4 times a day albuterol dosage she inhales distilled water in between to loosen up her sputa (I hope that's the main reason for her poor peak flow performance).
She is supposed to have a check up tomorrow but because of insurance complications the hospital administration says that they won't see her until the problem is resolved (which might take up to a week).
Is it normal to take so long for patients like my wife before any lung volume improvement can be seen? How long does it usually take before the lung volume starts to increase again?
I hope I am stressing out for no reason and that the doctors only refuse to see her right away because they know she's out of lethal danger. But since this is America, a country with one of the most terrible medical systems I am not so sure about that and I want to make sure that her symptoms are completely normal and there's nothing to be worried about.
thank you so much for any input
I'm sorry to hear your wife is sick. I had a lung transplant 2 yrs ago, not even a year out, I had my first lung infection growing pseudomonas and ever since than I have continuously had infections. It's normal for her lung functions to drop but u have to stay on top of it, they will go back up but dont sit on it for too long maybe the antibiotic that she is on is not working. Everyone is different so not every patient reacts the same way. Some takes longer than others for the antibiotics to work. For me a week sometimes a week and a half to see my symptoms start getting better. I would not wait, if u think she needs to be seen take her to the ER! Sometimes you have to be forward with these drs and nurses to make them listen. Always keep her insurance, she can never go without it! You never know when she will get sick. I'm so glad to hear that she has had her transplant for 10 yrs and has done good until now! She is an inspiration to me. Having had such a hard time with my transplant from the beginning.
Is she having fevers? Is she eating ok? Cause sometimes u can lose your appetite when your sick, and keeping good nutrients and weight is very important when fighting infections. She can and will get better, but like I said if she is not responding to the antibiotic do not hesitate to take her through the ER. Make sure she rests and takes all meds and eats well. I hope I helped a little to answer your questions.

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