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... Hi, thanks very much for the tips, I will talk to my friend and see what can be done about it. Appreciate the info! Agnes (6 replies)
... I posted earlier about this topic 'cuz there's apparently a shortage of ADEKS due to people who've had gastic bypass surgery. ... (6 replies)
... Hi all, I am trying to buy ADEKS (pediatric drops) for my friend's baby daughter with CF in Europe. Apparently, these drops are really good for kids with CF. I am having real issues finding ADEKS. Any ideas where I could buy them? Thanks very much, appreciate any info. Agnes (6 replies)

... Went to the pharmacy last week to refill my child's ADEKs vitamin drops prescription and was told they were unavailable. ... (5 replies)
Cf clinic Q's
Jul 29, 2005
... Our doctor and dietician have both told us that ADEKs doesn't have enough K in it, that's why we also give ds a 1 mg tablet of Vitamin K once a week. ... (10 replies)
Cf clinic Q's
Jul 28, 2005
... Personally I've always just taken regular vitamins. Currently taking ONe a day extra strenghth. And extre vitamin K and D. ADEKs don't have enough of the other stuff one needs and as an adult it would take quite a few ADEKs to reach the level of needed vitamins. ... (10 replies)
... I do hear from our dietician though that there are alternatives. She tells us that ADEKs must be chewed. Chewable doesn't mean optional I guess. Anyhow, my girls haven't been chewing them for about 5 years and won't. ... (5 replies)
... You indicated he was on enzymes.. Could it be that he's not getting enough of them and is still continuing to malabsorb? Are his stools normal or are they frequent, loose, greasy or bulky? DS has more digestive issues and he was on adeks drops -- 1 ml twice a day, as well as extra A & E, vitamin K. But D wasn't an issue according to his vitamin levels. IMO push for... (5 replies)
Cf clinic Q's
Jul 29, 2005
... a tab to a whole tab. His ADEKs has remained the same for at least a year also. ... (10 replies)
Cf clinic Q's
Jul 27, 2005
... What I've found with the local clinic when they don't agree with medications or equipment, it has to do with cost savings. For awhile we couldn't get ADEKs and I used regular baby drops and we were told by the dietician that we should only do that for the short terms because DS didn't need the extra iron those vitamins had and he DID need the zinc that was in the pediatric... (10 replies)
Cf clinic Q's
Jul 27, 2005
... CFers need extra ADEKs and regular vitamins don't provide what cfers need. ... (10 replies)
What can I expect?
Apr 24, 2005
... DS was diagnosed at birth cuz of a bowel obstruction. At about 3 months he developed bronchitis 'cuz of a bug he brought home from the hospital. Xrays showed he had air trapping in his lungs. He has some sinus issues. He takes enzymes pancrease mt4s with each meal. He has a poochy tummy 'cuz of his digestion issues -- when he malabsorbs his poo is loose, greasy and... (2 replies)
Nutrition question
Apr 13, 2005
... You could contact the cystic fibrosis foundation and get some brochures on nutrition. DS is a toddler with CF and he needs about 1/3 more calories than most others his age. Also needs more salt 'cuz they sweat out more sodium -- thus the salty tasting skin. Also because of digestive issues, CFers have troubles absorbing certain vitamins -- a, d, e and k, so ds is on a... (4 replies)
... I know they do a lot of tests on DS's blood to see how his vitamin levels are, blood sugar, as well as hemoglobin. Because a lot of CFers have malabsorption issues, they require extra vitamins -- DS has liquid vitamin drops called ADEKs (A,D, E & K), plus he gets a vitamin K tablet once a week and I put a drop of A & E in his chocolate milk once a day. He's not on... (1 replies)
... I've stumbled across this board in the past and now I've recently found it again. I'm glad I've found it ~ I'd like a place to share even my most ridiculous fears with regard to my precious baby Allison... Our story is a long one, but here's the gist of it: Late in my second pregnancy I was measuring HUGE, and the doc suggested an ultrasound to check things out. All... (0 replies)
... Hi, Thanks very much for the tip.! Agnes (6 replies)
... Hi, Thanks very much for your reply. I'll try to explore this path. Appreciate the info! Agnes (6 replies)
... Hi, We live in Canada and ADEK has not been approved here but we get special permission from our hospital. They sent a letter to our pharmacist and they forward a copy of the letter to AXCAN (KY) requesting the vitamins. Tell your friend to try this because I believe it is the only way to obtain them if they are not sold in your area. (6 replies)
... I read my ADEK bottle and mine in through Axcan Scandipharm-- they have a website- I don't know if you need a prescription and sometimes its in short supply-- but I hope you're able to get it for your friend. (6 replies)
... I guess some are still available through the CF Services Pharmacy; however, the shortage is coming from the manufacturer, so they've only got a limited supply. Now all I have to do is enroll and get a prescription. Here's a response I got from them: "We realized about two years ago that we were being flooded with women calling for Adek tablets due to their gastric bypass... (5 replies)

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