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Poo Question
Sep 25, 2004
... When they are babies it's always hard to tell, Danny's poo was greasy and very foul smelling, I mean, you could tell from across the house when he had pood. ... (3 replies)
Greasy Stool?
Feb 7, 2007
... Hmm... ok ty for the advice. There is something that is just 'off' about my baby son. I cant quite pin point it but I can just feel theres something not right. His poo is similar to what youre describing and he has heaps more a day than hes supposed to, hes had a urinary infection, his eating and weight gain is all over the place - sometimes really good and he gains heaps... (6 replies)
Greasy Stool?
Feb 5, 2007
... now that DS is potty trained, if he's malaborbing, his poo tends to float and sometimes it looks as if there's an oil slick on top of the water. ... (6 replies)

Poo Question
Sep 26, 2004
... We see a CF doctor every 4 months, but it's always been the same response -- greasy foul smelling.... The recommended dose was 1 1/2 capsules back when he was a couple months old and we're up to 3 MT 4s. It's at our own discretion. I did up it an extra half capsule last week, but he spent two nights pulling up his legs and crying off an on. He's also teething right now so... (3 replies)
Poo Question
Sep 21, 2004
... When DS was first diagnosed, we were told to watch his stools for signs of malabsorption -- greasy, foul smelling stuff and adjust his enzymes accordingly; however, the first few stools when he was on pregestimil were soft and the color of grass. Doctors told us that was good, when we thought it looked awful. We’re just never quite sure if he's is malabsorbing or not --... (3 replies)
... Everyone with Cf is so different but my daughter's stools were as you descibed mucousy and slimey looking.They were also very fatty looking on the diaper. Usually a strange greeny colour with a very offensive smell. (We used to call it toxic waste LOL) My daughter started out breastfeeding but it was too much effort for her (She used to fall asleep with the effort) so she was... (3 replies)
... but even though the yellow has eturned the consistency is the same. Please help by describing what "greasy" "frothy" infant poo is typically like in babes with cf. ... (3 replies)
... Tonight DS scared the heck out of me. With him most of the time his stools are greasy or very loose and frequent. So we upped his enzymes by one half of a capsule. ... (0 replies)
... however, he was born with a bowel obstruction caused by meconium illeus. He has greasy loose stools if he doesn't get enough enzymes, he's got a poochy belly. His blood tests showed two copies of the cf mutation delta f508. ... (6 replies)
... Sometimes shiny, greasy looking stools? ... (4 replies)
... The way it was explained to me is that most CFers are born with normal lungs, but with increased sticky mucus, infections -- lungs can become affected. DS mainly has gi issues -- if he doesn't have enough digestive enzymes his poo is very loose, sometimes greasy -- when he was on formula and we were trying to get the enzyme issue figured out -- they smelled like feta cheese... (3 replies)
Symptoms in child
Apr 12, 2006
... Frequent loose bowel movements --- Greasy, shiny, foul smelling stools -- when DS was on formula and didn't get enough enzymes -- his poo smelled like feta cheese Salty tasting skin. Frequent upper respiratory infections. Sinus issues. Failure to thrive (growth percentile low) DS was diagnosed at birth because of a bowel obstruction. A friend of mine's granddaughter... (11 replies)
What can I expect?
Apr 24, 2005
... DS was diagnosed at birth cuz of a bowel obstruction. At about 3 months he developed bronchitis 'cuz of a bug he brought home from the hospital. Xrays showed he had air trapping in his lungs. He has some sinus issues. He takes enzymes pancrease mt4s with each meal. He has a poochy tummy 'cuz of his digestion issues -- when he malabsorbs his poo is loose, greasy and... (2 replies)
... It's my understanding that the lungs aren't affected right away. Sometimes a child is more prone to lung infections, but a lot of times it's discovered because of failure to thrive. DS was diagnosed with it because he was born with a bowel obstruction and then went through genetic testing. He had two blood tests that reflected the gene mutation showing CF -- his sweattest... (25 replies)

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