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... annual CF clinic today, hoping we'd get some answers as to why our infant has problems with constipation. ... (2 replies)
... Everyone with Cf is so different but my daughter's stools were as you descibed mucousy and slimey looking.They were also very fatty looking on the diaper. Usually a strange greeny colour with a very offensive smell. ... (3 replies)
... iagnosed at a later age, think you'd probably have more problems... And while I do feel some holistic methods are beneficial, those of us who have children with CF already feel overwhelmed with the number of medications used just to help maintain their health. ... (5 replies)

... I wish there was one clear answer I could give, but CF affects everyone differently. ... (5 replies)
... Call the hospital where you gave birth or your OB to see if CF screening is done on all newborns. ... (4 replies)
... I keep eading infants with cf tend to have "greasy" stools. My 8wk old has had very odd sools consistently since 2wks old. ... (3 replies)
... Are her stools greasy, like an oil slick? ... (6 replies)
... otherwise they have loose, sometimes foul smelling, greasy stools. Before each meal, we sprinkle the contents of a couple of the capsules on applesauce and then feed him. ... (6 replies)
... times a day, kinda greasy and fiberous. suddenly, drs are talking failure to thrive and sending out for stool tests and cbc's and the like. low and behold, the stools are fatty, now we're looking at malabsorbtion. negative for celiac based on recent test. new approach is to rule out cf. BUT.... ... (3 replies)
... When my son was bottle fed, I never saw greasy stools, his were just frequent- 4-5 a day and sometimes looked foamy, they were yellowish. When he got into food is when I noticed the oily substance, because he needed his enzymes increased. The oil was orangey- and I saw it mostly on his diaper- it looked kind of like orange cooking oil. We haven't had this happen often. ... (4 replies)
... however, genetic testing showed otherwise. He tends to have more digestive issues. What are your child's stools like? ... (2 replies)
... tasting skin, persistent cough, anemic...Many physicians ignore nutrition altogether...The fact that she had so many greasy stools and was severely anemic due to malabsorption should have been big clues. Physicians do not always try to get to the root of the problem.... ... (12 replies)
Please Help!
Feb 2, 2005
... My 16 month old daughter has Type I diabetes, and about four weeks ago she started having orange greasy stools (really stink) and she has not gained any weight from her 12 mo. to 15 mo. check up (she weight 18lbs). She has had RSV once and several colds. We had a sweat test done on her, she tested boderline, we are having st repeated tomorrow. What does this mean? Do you... (6 replies)
... Tonight DS scared the heck out of me. With him most of the time his stools are greasy or very loose and frequent. So we upped his enzymes by one half of a capsule. ... (0 replies)
Cycstic fibrosis
Jan 27, 2003
... sure she had CF too. So they started her on enzymes right then. Now my oldest had no symptoms at all until about two or so months before our youngest was born. ... (8 replies)
... Checked the list of CF clinics and Kosair Children's is listed as an accreditted CF facility. ... (6 replies)
... He doesnt taste salty but then he doesnt sweat so that might be the reason, when I asked the dr about it yesterday she said being sweatless is not a symptom of cf so I of course asked if that would have an impact on whether he would even be able to taste salty and she didnt seem to think so. ... (14 replies)
... Or should I just prepare myself for the CF diagnosis? ... (1 replies)
... Are his stools normal or are they frequent, loose, greasy or bulky? ... (5 replies)
... Hi.I have been a little worried about my son.First off let me say his daddys brother died of cf when he was 12. ... (2 replies)

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