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... Like I said, will have to weigh the options. We're not sure how much insurance will cover the vest when our son is able to have one, so may need to raid the savings account for that instead. ... (21 replies)
... So SO Happy for you K! I have a good feeling about this! Once you get that far in the process, you know they're taking you serious. Can't wait for Tuesday! I'm holding my little PGD miracle as I type- its an amazing journey & worth every minute. (25 replies)
... big bad insurance company or child with a terminal disease... ... (25 replies)

... Did you have an attorney? If not might be a good idea to get one regarding this. BCBS wouldn't cover ds's synagis shots for RSV. Attorney wrote a letter and faxed it to the insurance company -- we were approved that afternoon. Those shots would've cost us $3200 a month for that 5 month period. We didn't know DS had CF until a few days after he was born. Normal... (25 replies)
... and asked if someone else could possibly cover these charges, that maybe we had OTHER insurance to help defray the costs? ... (25 replies)
... I'd love to hear where you are in the negotiation process. I have a million comebacks if your insurance company questions anything. ... (25 replies)
... out for her. Hopefully she was able to get the coverage. I was hoping somebody else might have some more info for me, especially advice on how to convince the insurance company to provide coverage. ... (25 replies)
... I believe Sherry092 posted on this last year. Was able to get coverage from her insurance company....? ... (25 replies)
... I don't have any specific info but if you do a search it should pull some stuff up. I know other people have talked about it on this board. (2 replies)
... I was amazed that the first return reply I got from my insurance company was an approval, no fight, no struggle. When explained in this matter, it only made sense to go ahead with PGD. ... (21 replies)
... The PGD process is exactly the same process as if you were an infertile couple doing IVF, just with 1 extra step. ... (21 replies)
... room! I am so happy for you and your success with pgd. We found the article in the Times that references your case in 2004 and will site it in my letter to the insurance company, I am also going to include all my son's medical bills as proof of the costs of CF. Are you from CT? ... (21 replies)
... My last post on this was back in February when DH & I were just starting PGD with IVF ( We have a BEAUTIFUL son ,21 months old with CF). What an amazing, draining, journey it has been. Its a bit soon for me to announce, but I am 1 month pregnant!!! :angel: My doctor implanted 1 embryo that was completely unaffected and 1 that was a carrier-- (I won't know about twins... (21 replies)
... all understand. We are now thinking of having another baby and recently started looking into PGD. I was excited to read the post from the woman who convinced her insurance to cover the costs. I am in the same boat with no IVF insurance coverage through my carrier. Any more tips on the insurance letter writing are welcomed. ... (21 replies)
... PGD is Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis: a procedure where, upon egg retrieval, the embryo's are tested and healthy ones are transferred into the uterus. Its been used througout the world since 1989. It will ensure that a baby will not be born with CF or any other genetic disease. I urge anyone to type in PDG on any search engine to read more- I cannot explain it... (10 replies)
... If this is something you want to do, type in PGD and your state in the search field. You may come up with something. ... (21 replies)
... vitro is very very cost prohibitive for us. Trying to weigh our options. Could you give us the "gist" of the letter you sent to your insurance provider. I've got a doctor's appointment in a few weeks and want to discuss all this with him and see if PGD is even an option in my area. ... (21 replies)
... Look at post with last reply 10/05 titled Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (2 replies)
... I know your message was written over a year ago. I was wondering if you know if anyone else ever had any success. I just wrote my letter and I am scared to mail it. Any other suggestions? (25 replies)
... We did not have an attorney but I just wrote a letter to Office of the Attorney General and hopefully they can give us some assistance. (25 replies)

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