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Cycstic fibrosis
Jan 27, 2003
... Does he have malabsorbtion or failure to thrive? ... (8 replies)
... We have had every malabsorbtion test and biopsy done in the past year and they only found the lack of pancreatic enzymes..they took a bile sample. ... (5 replies)
May 4, 2009
... my little man. They have uped the creon and are trying to fine tune it so that we can get rid of the break through loose stools. They are still sticking with malabsorbtion being a major problem but says he doesn't fit any other symptom list besides CF, so they are really not sure what to check next. ... (15 replies)

Apr 21, 2009
... Well we had our GI appt. today and the jury is still out. He is responding to the enzymes. He gained 1 pound and 5 oz. in two weeks which is huge!!!! He is finally on the growth chart!!! The genetic test is still out and his fecal fat study showed a degree of malabsorbtion, but they have to recalculate the results because they realized it was not based on his grams of fat... (15 replies)
Apr 10, 2009
... hy my child is a bottomless pit and well is just not healthy, but on the other hand I want a different answer. Months of looking into all kinds of GI issues and malabsorbtion possibilities and I keep running head on into CF. We have been on the enzymes for 3 days and we are having fewer, smaller bowel movements. ... (15 replies)
... my 17 mo old has multiple allergies and is basically on a celiac/vegan but can have poultry kind of diet(to eliminate wheat and dairy and eggs from his diet). he eats lots of beans. i felt that due to this high fiber, high protein diet he was always on the smallish side. but at his 12 mo appt he weighed 21 lbs and his 15 mo appt he was down to 19. he poops 3-6 times a day,... (3 replies)
... I would say do genetic AND sweat testing. Just as sweat testing is inconclusive for some,genetic testing is for others. I was positive via sweat test. had a lot of clinical symptoms and 1 DF508 came up on genetics testing...I was diagnosed with CF. This was before Ambry and Quest came out with their tests but since there is little question of my diagnosis we haven't pursued... (8 replies)
... has he had the fecal fat test done? (8 replies)
... I'd insist your child be tested for CF -- genetic blood test. Not sweat test. Does he taste salty when you kiss him? In any event is there a children's hospital near you -- I'd suggest a pediatric gastro and pulmo expert, possibly even at a CF clinic even though you don't know for sure if your child has cf. A friend of mine's daughter had interstitial lung disease and... (8 replies)
... DS#2 has the lung issues - he has had pneumonia twice and two asthma attacks that land him in the hospital, and the failure to thrive issue. His digestive problems are from "rapid dumping" for lack of a better term. Food will sometimes go through his system (mouth to diaper) in 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Not the sign of a digestive system doing its job. It doesn't happen all the... (8 replies)
... I do know of some people with CF who don't have loose stools, but actually have constipation issues. Some have failure to thrive. Some have more sinus and respiratory problems. Hopefully they can figure your son's symptoms out. (8 replies)
... Ratatosk - his poops aren't liquidy and chips or fries don't seem to make it worse. Complex carbs seem to be the worst for his system. So maybe it isn't CF which could be a blessing. Rids - I am not sure, I will ask the doctor at the next visit. I have a list of questions to ask him. He is having the genetic CF test done but DH is part central American so the test is... (8 replies)
... Has he been teated for Fatty Acid Oxidation disorders? Mitocondrial disorders? Metabolic panel? C-GA (8 replies)
... With CF, the vast majority are unable to properly digest fats and protein because of pancreatic insufficiency. DS has to take digestive enzymes right before he eats to properly digest his food -- otherwise it comes out in liquid form. I do add olive oil to his meals to increase calories. I also put cream in his breakast drink -- actually he gets carnation instant breakfast... (8 replies)
... My toddler is in the process of being tested for CF, among other things. Celiac's came back as negative (I know a false negative could still be a possibility) and aside from the absorbsion test which came back as abnormal everything else has come back as normal. The CF is still not back. Since birth he has had multiple food allergy issues, SEVERE eczema (food related),... (8 replies)
... th odd bowel movements and it turned out he had food allergies. Because I have Celiac disease, I know that light colored bowel movements that float are a sign of malabsorbtion of nutrients, and I felt positive that she had Celiacs until her Celiac panel came back negative. Our daughter also has the sinus issues. ... (7 replies)

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