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... mail adresses for contact on this message board it's kinda hard to get a chat going. Try .com They have messageboards for young people, teens, adults and family. ... (4 replies)
... I have CF and I'm 21 yr. I am looking for someone to chat with who has CF. It doesn't matter the age or gender. I am having big problems coping with my CF. (4 replies)
... After the funeral, while I was sulking in my own tears, I remembered another friend of mine... an internet friend that I had the pleasure of meeting through a message board that I frequent. HIS name is Pete. ... (2 replies)

Traveling with CF
Aug 12, 2008
... Hi all. It's so weird when I ready your first post here Taylor33, because I am exactly in the same place right now too. we are 5 months down the line with our new life post diagnosis and the last few days I feel more upset now than when I first found out somehow. Your message was lovely I thought - making reference to the fact that you think of the rest of us - cfers and moms... (24 replies)
... hi, i have 2 girls with c-f and my husband is retired military, my girls are 11 and 17 with all the normal and not so normal challenges, my e-mail at home is please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ], take a deep breath, pray, and write me be glad to talk. hang in there please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ] (32 replies)
... Yes! Exactly! My son's sweat test has come back normal it was a 30. So now I'm really clueless. I hate to jump from message board to message board but I guess Im going to check out some other ones. He is still anemic, his lymph nodes are swollen and he is showing positive to the epstein barr virus . ... (12 replies)
... but if I had known about this message board, I think it would have helped a lot. ... (7 replies)
... get your son checked for the two mutant cf genes. questions (1 replies)
Colloidal silver
Feb 26, 2003
... This post may sound really strange ,but I had to post it.I have had two cousins with cystic fibrosis and we have a little one now in the family with it,but I have been reading a lot of information from people living with this themselves and taking colloidal silver and talking about how their tests turn out so well. ONe lady is in her 40's taking colloidal silver,and there... (5 replies)
... Hi, My name is Melissa. I am 21 and married, I don't have CF but my husband does and I know what it is like to sometimes have a hard time dealing with the issue of CF and I would love to chat with you sometime in the future. My email address is .com. Email me anytime to talk. I am a teacher at a daycare with ages 6 weeks up to age 12 years and a student studying to be an... (4 replies)
... thanks for your input, and i am sorry to here about your husband. i use coll. silver every day orally and via nebulizer and think that it has helped me very much. i would be interested in speaking to you please contact me .com hope to talk to you soon (5 replies)
Jun 17, 2013
... i am a new user of this message board, my boyfriend has CF and i was just curious if there are other girls out there with the same question as me. ... (0 replies)
... this message can be deleted.. ... (1 replies)
... Your message was such an encouragement to me. Thank you!!! We have been through 2 and a half years of puzzling problems from GI bleeding to 3 colonoscopies to lg. ... (11 replies)
... ry. And I will ask her GI doc if there are any other common causes of fat malabsorption in children besides cystic fibrosis. Also, you had mentioned in another message to see if a doc would order a culture from her lungs for pathogens common to CF. I think this is a good idea and will suggest that as well. ... (18 replies)
... This is first message board I have ever posted to- so forgive me as I learn. My 3 and 1/2 year old son, just tested one point over the borderline for CF. (For our tests this is a 71) He has had lots of smaller symptoms ie. real trouble pooing at birth, asthma with 4 hospitalizations, any cold = nebulizing. Poor weight gain and growth. Incessant hunger and carrot craving!? ... (6 replies)
Traveling with CF
Aug 11, 2008
... addict, then I have to produce travel letters so they dont take me to custody. lol. Its quite the flying experience. I have flown enough times. But the previous message is right, I mean I always make sure meds are carrying on, because if they lose it, my life is literally gone with it, I am lost without my medication. ... (24 replies)
... Hi Taylor33. I felt for you when I read your message - our little one coughed a bit yesterday and again today and my heart went crossways in my chest when I heard her! she hasn't been coughing at all since diagnosis and her first lot of IV antibiotics so I do get very concerned when I hear her cough. I guess each child will have their own warning signs, but for me if I hear a... (10 replies)
... Hi Irishmom - An Accapella is a newer version of the Flutter -- kind of like a big inhaler without medicine. You blow into it and it has resistance that sort of vibrates & it does 'internal' PT if you will. Not as effective as the vest, but it fits in my bag, goes anywhere, and I find it easier to comply with it several times a day. (My vest is one of the originals &... (44 replies)
... Hi Nedelkma - I enjoyed your positive message - cautious optimism is the way to go I think! I'm curious what is an accapella? I know it only as a way of singing?? Glad to hear you are so well. do you also take enzymes and how do you find them - ever have any difficulty with them at all? hope you dont mind my asking. ps just discovered accapella something to do with cpt? (44 replies)

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