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... You are most definately not alone. My 4 year old has been having the same problems and she is Homozygous for the polymorphism M470V. Homozygous just means she has two M470V's. One she got from me the other from her dad. ... (83 replies)
... though he isn't convinced that is what it is, but seeing as the polymorphism isn't considered CF yet he doesn't know what else it could be. ... (83 replies)
... I have done extensive reading. M470V is not considered to be disease causing, but those of us who have them know otherwise. I have found considerable research on it. ... (83 replies)

... or that the genetic testing was negative for CF I then got a letter in the mail with the test results and found that she has exact duplicate Polymorphisms called M470V on 7T. ... (83 replies)
... Go to an internet search engine and put in M470V and 7T. You can add in the 5T and Cystic fibrosis in different combos. I picked up almost 300 pages of research. ... (83 replies)
... says that M470V is a common change that is known to affect the functionality and maturation of the CFTR protein why is it that ours doctors don't seem to know this? ... (83 replies)
... I hope there are still people out there discussing this...not seen any recent posts. I have an exremely sick 9 month old. He was born 3 months early with congenital heart desease, has had numerous surgeries on his heart, lungs, and svc and pulminary arteries. His genetics tests were done in March of this year, and we just received the results yesterday. There was "a... (83 replies)
... ch on this but sometimes docotrs just turn their head. I recently took my son to an immunologist because he has an immune deficiency as well and he agreed that m470v can"mimic"cf. It is nice to know that we are not alone. Many times it feels that way. ... (83 replies)
... A second one of the same M470V or of a different one? ... (83 replies)
... I wish you were not going through this, but I am so pleased to read your message. I have been "sickly" all my life - at one point I had more than 10 different diagnoses. I told doctors that I believed there was one diagnosis for me. I was not treated with respect. What made me so sure I was right was that my two daughters were developing all "my" symptoms. My answer... (83 replies)
... I just read your story and I know how you feel. My son is eight and has been pretty sick for most of his life. He has m470v variant and also an immune deficiency. He just started on the enzymes and it is making a difference. Every day is a new experience. ... (83 replies)
... but he also had a genetic test which reveiled that he is a carrier or has the M470v gene. To be honest i am not really sure exactly how to say it even though we have known for a year. ... (83 replies)
... eated as kids with cf and other doctors brush you off. The ones that are getting treated appear to be doing well. I was told that Matt is one of a few with the M470V and there are not many others. ... (83 replies)
... if it isn't then the only real answer is CF and that the polymorphism is a form that they don't recognize as CF yet. I will be done looking after this test that much I can tell you. ... (83 replies)
... My son is seven and we have the same test result. He is positive in m470v and also in two other areas. ... (83 replies)
... Hi Barb- Matt needed the surgery and needs it again because he has a chronic infection that does not clear up. The drip of the infections sets off the pulminary issues. He also develops polyps in his sinuses(part of the CF) and they need to be removed. I found a rally good article regarding the M470V. Go to Let me know what you... (83 replies)
... Bonny, thank you so much for your reply.........just so you know the m470v has also been linked to chronic sinus disease, we recently had a cat scan of my sons sinuses done, and he has it, so if you're little one tends to get alot of head colds/sinus problems you may want to ask your doc to do one....... if you dont mind me asking what kind of immune deficiency does... (83 replies)
... My son has double T7's and the M470v mutation, and has atually had his file reviewed by Dr. Orenstein, and he will still not give a definite diagnosis, they're just following him. ... (83 replies)
... This is one of the most useful threads I have seen so far on this. I just recieved my Ambry results with M470V and 7T/7T variant and am trying to make sense of it. I'm 30 years old and I too have had a history of accute pulminary infections, pneumonia, sinusitis, and even stomach/digestive issues resulting in hospitolization. I had to go through a whole slew of doctors... (83 replies)
... n of a polymorphism. I'm know the doctors would definately have a more scientific definition. I'm not sure I can tell you exactly what it is but in the case of M470V polymorphism I can tell you what it means to our daughter. ... (10 replies)

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