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... In my experience with my children the genetic testing is more reliable. My children have been going through CF testing for three years. Both kids came back borderline on two sweat tests each. Doctor had us have genetic testing done on both. Both kids testing showed they are carriers. ... (1 replies)
... L are consistent with the diagnosis of CF. For individuals who have CF, the sweat chloride test will be positive from birth. Once a test result is positive, it is always positive. Sweat test values do not change from positive to negative or negative to positive as a person grows older. ... (6 replies)
... I to have a daughter with elevated sweat chloride results and no known genes. She has classic CF signs and was diagnosed years ago despite her very shy genes. ... (10 replies)

... My 1 month old son's Newborn Screening test came back positive for Cystic Fibrosis. ... (0 replies)
... Is a sweat test of 37 considered borderline? ... (14 replies)
... did you ever find out what kind of sweat test they did...was it sweat conductivity? ... (1 replies)
... My daughter had a sweat test of 46 and is going to a CF center for a follow up. I'm not sure what kind of test they're doing, but they said that the first test didn't test the chloride and they're drawing blood. ... (1 replies)
... His BM smells so foul... like amonia. The dr.was concerned and we had him tested for CF. His sweat test came back at 31 his twin's test 51 with not enough sweat. So they retested his twin and it again was elevated. They also did a blood test and it isn't back yet. ... (18 replies)
... granddaughter had 33 on sweat test at Dartmouth. What does this mean? ... (1 replies)
... 0-40 is considered normal, 40-60 borderline and 60-100+ is considered positive for CF. The problem is that while a high number is a definate for CF, it's doesn't necessarily mean that a lower number isn't CF. My child is a prime example -- he had a normal 32 at an accreditted CF facility, yet genetic blood testing revealed CF. There are over 1500 genetic mutations for cf... (9 replies)
... Everything I read is so negative and seems to say that even borderline test results indicate CF... what's the point in having borderline if the end result is positive? ... (1 replies)
... had a sweat test done about a month ago. She had it done because of numorous bouts of pneumonia in a year and inability to gain weight properly. That test came back borderline, so she had a second one done two weeks ago. The second one was done at a CF care center. That one also came back borderline. ... (4 replies)
... Addressing your question...could the sweat test be wrong. I can say this, if the infant or child does not sweat very much during testing, its possible there could be borderline results or even negative. ... (2 replies)
... one after he was born and another at the hospital where he has surgery because they didn't think the genetic test was done prior to his being transferred. We had to wait about 5 days for the test results, which indicated CF. ... (4 replies)
... i had projectile vomiting. I have also had the lumber punch test when i was around 2 as they thought i may have meningitis, however this was negative. Through my whole life i have suffered with really smelly, long stools. ... (4 replies)
... borderline and 60 plus is a postivie. Unfortunately, sweat tests aren't always accurate. ... (1 replies)
Borderline cf
May 16, 2002
... My 9 year old son has had 2 sweat test in 2 weeks both came back borderline for cf. His Dr. has set up DNA testing to start on monday, only 4 days from now but seems like a life time away. The Dr. ... (5 replies)
... First of all. There is NO such thing as borderline CF. That's like saying you're half pregnant. You either have it or you don't and it sounds like based on your symptoms you do. ... (4 replies)
... is considered borderline. My son's was a normal 32 and he DOES have CF, so I tend to be a little wary of sweat tests. ... (3 replies)
... You really wouldn't know for sure unless your child had genetic testing -- NOT just testing for the most common mutations. So I would push for either ambry amplified or quest as there are over 1500 CF mutations. Does your child have any digestive issues -- constipation and/or loose frequent stools. Reflux... DS' symptoms are mainly digestive and some sinus issues. DS'... (5 replies)

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