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... years ago, didn't where my retainer much, and now I have one tooth that has gone crooked. Annoying as hell, but only myself to blame. So, I had full metal braces before... ... (8 replies)
... I have one crooked tooth and two that look like vain's..My mom cant affored braces.Is there any way I could put something on them to push them in.. ... (0 replies)
... I'd just like to hear from anybody who had some kind of retainer with a spring mechanism to correct one crooked tooth. ... (3 replies)

1 crooked tooth :(
Aug 19, 2004
... There are retainers that you can wear at night as an alternative to braces. I'm not sure how much this would cost though. Also, if the tooth is pulled a retainer can help to realign the teeth and it'll look like you aren't missing a tooth. ... (5 replies)
1 crooked tooth :(
Jul 25, 2004
... even sounds like the same tooth. so the ortho put on a metal band and attached something to just that one tooth to pull it back. I can't remember exactly as it was so long ago but i think the contraption ran along the back of my teeth so it wasn't very noticeable. ... (5 replies)
1 crooked tooth :(
Jul 25, 2004
... all my teeth are pretty straight apart from 1, the second incisor. I was just wondering, what can be done to correct this tooth without having to have a metal brace? ... (5 replies)
... even though I had no symptoms of an earache. One day, the crown of one of my wisdom teeth broke off so I went to the dentist. He discovered I had a fifth wisdom tooth and it was impacted, growing sideways, it had never shown up on previous xrays but must have suddenly made its move, rapidly coming out of nowhere. ... (5 replies)
... All, my wisdom tooth are out and intact. Some growing in an awkward position, some normal, but of course it affects the other tooths. ... (1 replies)
... hey just took up my braces 1 year ago...but after 3 months my bottom permanent retainer just broke off.I ignored the issue until 2 months ago my 2 bottom middle tooth started moving,it moved about 1 mm backwards.. ... (1 replies)
... I have 1 crooked tooth and two that look like vain's.I wish I didnt though.My mom can not afairded braces for me.And nothing will cover it. ... (4 replies)
1 crooked tooth :(
Aug 19, 2004
... If you are young enough (teenager), you can have it pulled and the teeth next to it will fill in the gap. (5 replies)
1 crooked tooth :(
Aug 19, 2004
... I have the same problem...I hate it..My mom cant get the money to get me can i get something to pull it back with..Please help me (5 replies)
1 crooked tooth :(
Jul 25, 2004
... Excellent ill look more into it. Thank you for your reply :p (5 replies)
1 tooth crooked
May 12, 2012
... If it cost over 1,000 im not going to do it.. Ive decided if it cost to much im just going to have it pulled and get a golden tooth. I would rather have a golden tooth than worry about this tooth anymore. AND REMEBER i DONT WANT IT TO JUST APPEAR TO Be ALIGNED BUT I WANT TO FILL THAT ITS ALIGNED. ... (1 replies)
... i have similar problem i have a mobile tooth and driving me insane, also worried incase my teeth fall out as theyre the front bottom teeth. ... (49 replies)
... I had the tooth patched up with a filling and almost 2 years ago the tooth started to come out. ... (1 replies)
... well ,this is why i am so confused,when i got to the dentist in whitechapel ,he said it was the tooth next to the tooth i had taken out? ... (49 replies)
... bit late now ,but maybe it might of been best if they splinted the tooth first like they said ,before putting the brace on? ... (49 replies)
... hi louise ,you;ve been really lucky, and seeing great specialists at guys,who are helping you out,and doing a good job,i'm really pleased for you .and yes it may be a good idea to get a new dentist after your finished with the hospital. i might ,when i can get to speak to my dentist mto refer me to guys instead of whitechapel hopefully they can sort me out there keep... (49 replies)
... yes brace is ok at the minute apart from one attachment has come off my bridge which they said it may due to it not being a real tooth so im back tomorrow to try another method of cementing it back on or maybe a new bridge as this one is old. ... (49 replies)

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